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Wine is not just a beverage, it is an art form. We primarily choose beverages from small businesses, small-scale farmers who work directly with the harvest, where we have felt the soil. Personal reflections at the producer’s end are the key to development and the attainment of genuine quality. It is only when we truly believe in the product that we handpick the wine for Hotel Fratelli’s wine lists. To confine oneself to a single grape, a specific country, or a standardized production method would be to lose the uniqueness of each vintage. The next time you take a sip from a bottle produced by a small-scale farmer, don’t just taste the wine, but also listen to the story behind it. In these bottles, there is more than just wine; there is a tale of the land, the weather, and the people that make each glass an extraordinary experience.

The story behind


In a world where winemaking is becoming increasingly standardized, small-scale farmers stand out from the crowd. Their love for winemaking creates unique taste experiences that tell a story behind each bottle. For these enthusiasts, wine is not just a beverage, it is an art form and an expression of terroir. Talking about such a wine is not just mentioning the grape variety or country of origin; it is delving into the history of each vineyard and every grapevine. We need to understand how weather conditions and wind directions shape each grape, giving the wine its unique character, and we are aware that each harvest is unique. Their work is a constant dance with nature, where they adapt to the seasons and make the most of every weather change. It is the close connection to nature that makes their wines so special and intriguing. t may involve slight variations, but that’s precisely what makes each bottle a unique journey through time and place.

for the love of wine


Our wine list consists of around 500 bottles. The wine should be clear, allowing the terroir to shine through. We want something for everyone, regardless of previous experiences with wine. Some wines are available by the glass, featuring a small, elegant selection of curated offerings, but our strength lies in our bottle collection. Everything from more affordable, value-driven wines to exceptional, rare gems that are hard to come by, ensuring we can offer exactly what you, as a guest, desire. Wine is constantly evolving, and so do we.

Easygoing, here and now.


With a large glass list that we allow to live its own life, we let our curiosity take the lead. Stylish labels on beautiful bottles. We collaborate with smaller winegrowers and young winemakers who have a close connection to the vineyards, emphasizing a natural and straightforward approach. Concepts like organic are not a separate category for them; they work naturally, as there is nothing else. Feel welcome and dare to try something new.