chambre séparée

Meeting Rooms

Meetings, family dinners, or a secluded dinner with your friends? Our two meeting rooms are furnished as private dining rooms, meaning that the rooms are equally suitable for family dinners as for business settings. Function and style are combined in a harmonious way where AV technology seamlessly blends into the elegant decor. The technology is visible only when you need it. If you want to enjoy a meal or have a meeting in a more secluded environment, our meeting rooms are the choice for you.


Våra mötesrum

Rendez vous 


Rendez Vous has a capacity for 12 people and is meticulously designed to offer an atmosphere of elegance and functionality. Furniture and details are carefully chosen to create a warm and inviting feel while meeting the practical needs of an efficient meeting. Technology is integrated in a way that seamlessly blends into the room’s design. AV equipment is available when needed and discreetly concealed when not in use. The meeting room is suitable for various occasions, from family dinners to formal meetings.



Serenita is the larger of our two meeting rooms with a capacity for 21 people. As the room is designed as a private dining area, it works excellently for both business meetings and family dinners or gatherings with friends. We offer a versatile, adaptable, and secluded environment. The AV technology is visible only when needed; otherwise, it is discreetly concealed by the elegant interior. It is a space where every detail is carefully considered to meet and exceed the expectations of our guests. A tranquil and focused environment.