Italian Restaurant


Rome, Paris, and the small but oh-so-charming Karlstad. Our philosophy is infused with the modern Italian cuisine, or as some would describe it, Neo-Italian. With our passion for food and wine, we strive to offer you an experience beyond the ordinary.

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Tasty experiences

We aim to offer you a gastronomic experience beyond the ordinary. Our food is not just a taste experience but also a journey through local and international ingredients. We value honesty in cooking and prefer local products wherever possible. When the weather allows, our Värmland vegetables, meat from Finnmarken, and oysters from the West Coast join in to create your experience. Every meal is an opportunity for us to present the best of the best.

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Wine is not just a beverage, it is an art form. Our wine list consists of around 500 bottles. We want something for everyone, regardless of previous experiences with wine. Everything from simpler, value-for-money wines to real powerhouse wines that are hard to come by.

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Each cocktail is unique, where presentation is as important as taste. We offer a variety of classics and innovative cocktails created with passion. At our place, every drink should complement your dining experience.