We are relaxed

Allegria Retreat Club

Spa, retreat club, or relaxation area – a beloved concept by many names, but we refer to it as the Retreat Club. Here, you can sink into the warm water, lean back, and relax. Welcome to our oasis of relaxation, well-being, with delicious dishes and refreshing drinks close at hand.


Day spa

Allegria – where every moment is an opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation. Even if you haven’t booked a hotel room, you are always welcome to spend time with us. Step into a world of tranquility and harmony where stress and worries vanish. Let us pamper you and welcome you to a day of pure relaxation.

Spahotell Karlstad Allegria Retreat Club Hotel Fratelli
Allegria Spa

Time to relax

Opening hours

Whether you’re a hotel guest or not, you have the opportunity to book the spa. We divide the times in our spa into different time slots.

Monday to Friday
9 AM to 11.30 AM | Age limit 7 years
11.30 AM to 2 PM | Age limit 16 years

2 PM to 4.30 PM | Age limit 16 years

5 PM to 7 PM | Age limit 16 years

7 PM – 9 PM | Age limit 16 years

Saturday to Sunday

8 AM to 11.30 AM | Age limit 7 years
11.30 AM to 2 PM | Age limit 16 years

2 PM to 4.30 PM | Age limit 16 years

5 PM to 7 PM | Age limit 16 years

7 PM – 9 PM | Age limit 16 years
21.00-23.00 | Åldersgräns 16 år

Contact Allegria
054-88 55 06

Allegria Spa Hotel Fratelli Karlstad

The pool

Sink into the warm water and treat yourself to a moment of relaxation for both body and soul. Reduce stress and relax in a harmonious environment. If you feel like having something refreshing to drink or something fresh to eat, there’s a bar right by the poolside.

Cold bath Allegria Spa Hotel Fratelli Karlstad

Cold bath

Taking a dip in our Cold Bath, which maintains a temperature of 6 degrees, is like a refreshing alarm clock for the body and soul. A fresh start where the cold freshness washes away stress and rejuvenates with new energy. It’s a moment of clarity and renewal, carrying with it the promise of a fresh start.

Foot bath Allegria Spa Hotel Fratelli Karlstad

Foot bath

Enjoy the tranquility with a warm foot bath. Dip your feet in the warm water and let the tensions melt away. It’s a moment of relaxation and well-being, where every drop of the warm water embraces your feet with care and tranquility.

Tha sauna room

Stone bath Allegria Spa Hotel Fratelli Karlstad

Stone bath

Experience Allegria Stone bath, a sauna that doesn’t exist anywhere north of the Alps. Imagine sauna stones heated up to 340°C, then automatically moved to ice-cold water, an eruption of hissing sounds and rising steam. A palpable heatwave fills the room where heat distribution is ensured by a ceiling fan. A unique experience that can be seen, heard, and felt by the guests.

Finnish Bastu Allegria Spa Hotel Fratelli

Finnish Sauna

Welcome to Allegria’s Finnish sauna, where warmth and scents come together for total relaxation. With a comfortable temperature and an automatic watersplash function, all you need to do is lean back and let yourself be embraced by well-being. Enjoy the healing warmth and fresh scents while the sauna takes care of the rest.

Experience showers

Experience Shower Allegria Spa Hotel Fratelli Karlstad

Expericence shower

We have two Experience Showers at Allegria that transport you to tropical paradises and natural wonders, all within a harmonious environment. Choose between different streams, feel the stress vanish along with the shifts in light. For instance, you can enjoy tropical rain, waterfall, Niagara rain and more. Something that simply must be experienced.

Horizontal Shower Allegria Spa Hotel Fratelli Karlstad

Horizontal Shower

Step into a world of total relaxation and well-being in the Hamam room at Allegria Spa. The room has 70% relative humidity, and here you’ll find two Horizontal Showers. Massage your body with salt scrub, lie on your stomach, let the water jets wander over your body, and enjoy the neck and back massage provided by the water jets.


Food & Drinks

At the poolside, we offer delicious dishes and refreshing drinks. As a visitor, you can satisfy your taste buds without having to leave the warm pool area.