The upper floor


On our upper floor, you’ll experience a feeling of southern latitudes with fountains, plants, and glass. During winter, you’re embraced by an intimate and cozy feeling, which doubles in summer with an outdoor terrace where one gladly pauses, and moments linger. Isola, our playful cousin from the Riviera, takes you on a journey through the flavorful landscapes of the Atlantic coast. With inspiration from France and perhaps even Spain, we capture the feeling of the Atlantic rather than the traditional Mediterranean. When it comes to wine, we let curiosity take the lead. We work with small wine growers and young winemakers who share our passion for exploring and preserving natural flavors.

the cousin from the Riviera

Cold, hot & sweet

At Isola, we approach the menu differently by dividing it into cold, hot, and sweet sections. No direct starters or main courses, but a simpler, more organically oriented menu. A bit of French and perhaps something Spanish, but all in our own way. After all, we are in Värmland.