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Fratelli Bar & Deli

Fratelli Bar & Deli – a lively restaurant in the heart of Karlstad’s vibrant center. It’s a place where flavors meet and create memories. Here you’ll find something to satisfy all your cravings, whether you’re looking for crispy bread, pizza, an elegant glass of white wine, or a refreshing cocktail. Whether you choose to relax in our cozy indoor atmosphere or take it outdoors to enjoy the sun, our hospitality extends from morning till late evening. Come and experience everything that Fratelli Bar & Deli has to offer.

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A dinner or lunch, something more filling or something quick and easy? In our Deli, there’s something for everyone. Sit on our outdoor terrace or trattoria, as we may also call it, and enjoy charcuteries, cheeses, salads, pizzas, or delicacies like oysters, lobster, or crayfish. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and a meal in the heart of Karlstad.

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From coffee to cocktails.


A creamy, smooth espresso to start the day off right, an elegant glass of white wine for lunch, or a refreshing cocktail as the evening approaches. We have something for every mood and time of the day. Whether it’s morning, noon, or evening, we can be your companion throughout the day with something to satisfy your taste buds.